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The importance of valuations

Lengkeek are the #1 specialists in loss adjusting, appraisals, valuations, (risk) inspections and pre risk surveys. From our offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Zwolle, our 150 specialists are committed to our customers. They are all professionals with a strong mutual bond, love for the profession and a no-nonsense mentality.

Trust the professionals at Lengkeek.

Care for our clients and their customers

Our clients and their customers are our focus. It’s what we do. Clients know that Lengkeek stands for the best representation of their commercial and financial interests. We pay attention to the smallest detail for clients and their customers. We build long-term relationships and work to achieve the best results for our customers.

About our valuers

Our valuers are registered in the VRT and TMV and NRVT Registers. Every year, valuers attend various training courses. Continuous education is essential to ensure registration in all relevant registers. Knowledge is kept up-to-date and everyone stays abreast of current market developments.

For large valuation assignments, fellow valuers are appointed who are aware of the activities and, if necessary, engaged. This ensures continuity of service and engagement of valuers at all times.


Valuation and reporting

Lengkeek provide valuations for any purpose and within any industry. These include insurance valuations, valuations for financing, purchase or sale of assets, financial statements and commercial insurance valuations. We perform these objective valuations for both business clients and private individuals.

We focus on the following target groups:

• Construction • Education & Government • Care & Welfare
• Agricultural • Energy • SME
• Industry • Art & Valuables • Private individuals



The importance of an expert valuation.

No valuation was carried out. The insured has self-assessed the rebuild value at EUR 3,000,000 and is insured for this. When damage occurs, the loss adjuster sets the damage amount at EUR 1,500,000. In addition, the loss adjuster determines the actual reinstatement value.

This comes to be EUR 5,000,000. This is a case of underinsurance and the insured party is paid only part of their claim:

EUR 3,000,000
——- x EUR 1,500,000 = EUR 900,000
EUR 5,000,000

The difference, being EUR 600,000, must be paid from your own funds. With a valid valuation report, in accordance with Section 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code, you are insured on the best conceivable terms and a correctly determined value is guaranteed, protecting you against underinsurance.


Valuation in accordance with Section 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code

A comprehensive valuation report includes inventory and/or the building(s). This results in a detailed valuation report recording your entire inventory and buildings. The valuation report in accordance with Section 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code provides a guarantee against underinsurance, giving you assurance when you need it. The inventory report is valid for three years and the buildings report for six years.

The benefits:

• Added value endorsed by the Dutch Civil Code.
• Valid as proof in case of damage.
• Specified amounts in report.
• No discussion in case of damage.
• Fixed validity period.
• Business continuity ensured.
• Accepted by all insurers.



Would you like to know more about our types of valuation and how we can help you? Or are you interested in the brochure “The importance of a valuation” which explains the benefits in detail? Please contact us on 088 – 554 00 33 or at commercie@lengkeek.nl.