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Risk inspection

Inspection, a secure feeling in case of risks (risk inspection). Lengkeek are leaders in risk analysis of companies and institutions for insurers, intermediaries or companies’ own risk management. A risk inspection makes it clear to clients what the operational risks are.


Risk analysis

While conducting a risk analysis, we identify fire, liability and related risks, assessing issues such as building type, use, work processes, state of maintenance, location and surroundings.

Our experts examine and assess the risks faced by companies and their insurers in fire, extended hazards and machinery breakdown insurance (whether or not with trading loss cover) in both the industrial sector and SMEs.

Risk inspection and survey: it’s all in the detail!


Fire and burglary risk

We carry out fire engineering inspections and risk surveys in various ways, where customer requirements and quality are paramount. The result of our inspection models is a clear insight into construction, adjacent structures, zoning and prevention measures.

Lengkeek also provide advice on any additional (fire) prevention measures and burglary protection. We perform these analyses in accordance with the risk models recommended to its members by the Dutch Association of Insurers (‘Verbond van Verzekeraars’).

Lengkeek RisicoMonitor

Customers of insurers are not always aware of all the risks and additional regulations of their business activities. To provide insurers with a handy tool that critically examines all insurable and uninsurable risks of businesses, we have developed the RisicoMonitor, or risk monitor. Are you curious about what this entails? Please contact our Account Manager.

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