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Different types of valuations

From our offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zwolle and Eindhoven, Lengkeek provide valuations for any purpose and within any industry. Lengkeek’s valuers specialise in insurance valuations, real estate valuations and valuations for commercial purposes, such as valuations for financing, purchase or sale of assets and financial statements.

Insurance valuations

An objective insurance valuation is important when you take out insurance. A valuation report establishes the value of your assets based on replacement value. In case of damage, you will be paid the amount you are entitled to.

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Commercial valuations

To make the right strategic decisions in a merger, purchase or sale, you need a commercial valuation.

Valuation report

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Real estate valuations

The valuation department at Lengkeek provides independent market valuations throughout the Netherlands. We specialise in owner-occupier valuations.

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Combined valuations

Clients are increasingly requesting a “combi valuation”. In a combi valuation, a survey for an insurance valuation is combined with a report on a business or commercial valuation.

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Whatever the impact of an event, Lengkeek are here for you to make sure you are back up and running and in no time!

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