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“Stichting Salvage“

The “Stichting Salvage” foundation; first aid on behalf of insurers. While the fire services coordinate the extinguishment, Stichting Salvage can be of service in taking care of casualties. After all, they need help and advice on the next steps. Stichting Salvage want to know who is involved, details of their insurers and how to contact them for further damage settlement. A Salvage coordinator provides this assistance and works on behalf the casualties. A number of Lengkeek Experts are also affiliated with Stichting Salvage, and can offer this help on behalf of the foundation. Committed experts, we are proud of that!

The foundation operates on behalf of the insurer of injured parties. They ensure that the damage is limited and engage a cleaning company for this purpose. They stabilise the situation.

We prioritise support for injured parties

Production or sales quickly back on track

A fire in a business or shop often results in its doors closing temporarily. Production or sales will be at a standstill. The longer this situation continues, the greater the chance of bankruptcy. Salvage ensures that the insurer is quickly notified and that measures are taken to limit this standstill. Think of chloride measurements, dehumidifying, vacuuming fire extinguishing water.

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”It was a small fire but the impact was huge.
Fortunately, Salvage was there to relieve all our worries.”
Dick from Meppel